75% of the way through an Essentials course in JS, and I can’t wrap my head around the DOM. I get the concept, but the logistics of actually manipulating it are eluding me.

Yes, I realise there are simple syntax solutions to most problems. Variables, functions, arrays, etc, have well and truly sunken in, but the DOM is a wall in which I can’t seem to find a doorway.


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  1. codeinfig Avatar

    imo there are (at least) two valid ways to look at the dom: as a hierarchy, and a bureaucracy. the first is sometimes a convenience, and the latter is what youre running into.

    how many “things” are there in a webpage? tons. whats an ideal way to address all that? im a pretty big skeptic when it comes to object-anything, and is still think the dom is “pretty good.” and cant imagine something better that is truly different.

    so its a hierarchy, and you have to learn the chain of command to really do what you want.

    but its also a bureaucracy, because the hierarchy is developed by a bunch of stuffed-shirt committees who are extremely dedicated to making the whole thing increasingly tedious and illogical, and calling it something reasonable.

    i think once you get that, you understand the dom for what it truly is. if not, my apologies. my approach is to never put anything in a page that i dont already know how to address– going the other route: trying to address anything you manage to put in there? thats too house-of-mirrors for my taste.

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