Photo by EVG Kowalievska.

This was totally going to be ‘the place’ to keep up with my goings-on while I was away from work. Or, more likely, a place for myself to note down anything of interest while on leave. As it turns out, leave thus far has mostly been about resting and recovering.

While not keeping up with the latest in creative tech news, I’ve watched the entirety of Breaking Bad (yes, for the first time), as well as finishing The Final Empire and Cibola Burn. I replayed and re-completed Grand Theft Auto V. I’ve also taken myself game arcade-ing and ten-pin bowling. For someone who used to bowl league in high school, the latter was a painful return (Wii Sports bowling this ain’t).

For the rest of my time off, I’m planning to watch a few movies, attempt to finish The Witcher III, and maybe do some media things that aren’t 10+ years old. I’m currently reading Owls of the Eastern Ice, which is proving a pleasant non-fiction change from my usual fare. We’re also popping away for a week to rest and recover even harder.

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